Lupo Full Bra Corset (Beige)

$ 100.00

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The complete corset from under the chest to the thighs, the material of the corset is characterized by high elasticity and strong tensile strength in
the same time.
The corset is light and gentle on the skin as it allows it to breathe and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.
The full corset helps hide the growths and cellulite and give a naturally slim appearance.
Corset lifts the buttocks and gives it a streamlined and natural shape.
A comfortable corset while wearing does not put pressure on the vital organs of the body such as the liver, stomach and intestines, thus
It can be worn all day except for sports and sleep time.
Corset designed in a way that prevents it from slipping off the body.
The postpartum can wear a corset after giving birth, as it helps tighten the abdomen over time and help return
The uterus is in its normal position

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