Moroccan Nila Argapur

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Indigo Skin Whitening Scrub
It is a natural blend of minerals and botanicals
Absorbs impurities and deeply cleanses the skin
Tightens sagging skin
It gets rid of the darkening of the knees and joints and unifies the color of the body
How to use
Apply the mixture as a mask to the body and extremities
Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse well with warm water
It can be used with many products such as rose water and argan oil
Luxury Moroccan industry

(كفاله لسنه)
مرفق ملفات استمارة الكفالة و سياسة الكفالة (عند عملية الشراء يتم ادخال المعلومات للاستمارة و طباعتها و ارسالها مع المنتج في تاريخ الشراء )

استمارة الكفالة

سياسة الكفالة


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