Moroccan lotion with rose argapur

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Argapur Rose Rhassoul is a staple of your bath ritual, giving you unparalleled relaxation that deeply purifies.
And gives it mineral salts, vitamins, minerals and provitamins that make it soft and bright
How to use:
For the face: apply the lotion on your face as a purifying mask, even if you have sensitive skin, because the lotion does not cause allergies
It does not irritate the skin of the body: Apply the lotion to your entire body, leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse well with water
Luxury Moroccan industry

(كفاله لسنه)
مرفق ملفات استمارة الكفالة و سياسة الكفالة (عند عملية الشراء يتم ادخال المعلومات للاستمارة و طباعتها و ارسالها مع المنتج في تاريخ الشراء )

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