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Aswaq Infinity

Damaged products:
Aswaq Infinity Shop guarantees that all products are new, unused and undamaged, however if there is any damage to the product
Please inform us within three days of receiving the product. The store Aswaq Infinity will replace the product at our cost

Terms of use
The customer undertakes to provide correct information in order for the store to communicate with him and deliver the order.
Unconfirmed order will be canceled automatically when 24 hours have passed from placing the order and issuing the invoice.
The Aswaq Infinity store will ship and send the order to the address provided to us, shipping takes from one day to
A maximum of five working days, depending on the address of the residence.

Terms of return and exchange:
1. The exchange and return policy is available in the Aswaq Infinity store when the product sent is incorrect.
2. The store bears the costs of shipping and replacement in the event that a wrong product arrives to you, or is damaged. And if you wish
This is not possible, taking into account the return or exchange for any other reason, the Aswaq Infinity store adheres to the health requirements of the product.
3. In the event that a customer purchases products through Mada, Visa, or Paypal, and the customer wishes to recover the amount, the amount will be returned
For the same credit card or PayPal account from which the purchase was made.
4. In the event that the customer receives free shipping/delivery when there are temporary free shipping/delivery offers, and he wishes to return
Products, Aswaq Infinity store has the right to recalculate the free shipping/delivery cost
5. If the customer does not receive the order from the shipping company after 5 days and the shipping cost has been paid, the order will be returned
To the store, and accordingly, the value of the order is returned only without the value of the shipping, and if he wants to return the order, he bears the shipping cost
one more time

Replacement and Return:
To ensure that we provide the best customer service, all your purchases from the Aswaq Infinity store are subject to exchange and return within
7 days if there is an error in size or color.

All you have to do is:
Ensure that the product remains in its original condition.
It is excluded from return and replacement if the order size and color is correct, as the corsets are treated as clothes by filling out the return and replacement request form, and you will be contacted directly.
The interior, please be careful when choosing the size and color

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